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Do you want to be front in a new opportunity – AdPackPro? If you have basic entrepreneur instinct, you will be excited to find out what’s so new and different! This is a truly long term program run by a legitimate holding company which have already suistanable business before they even begin the new program. This is a genuine company using an advertising revshare model, and not a revshare model pretending being a legitimate company. That’s a BIG difference!

AdPackPro is an advertising venue created by OneVision Holding AG. Registered holding company in Switzerland. Offering advertisers cashback on their adpack purchases. Official launch is April 9th 2016.

What is an AdPack?

An AdPack is advertising package. It costs 25 € with a Cashback of 30 €. You receive 10.000 exposures and 100 clicks on your advertisement. You can have minimum 1 adpack and maximum 3000 (membership required if you want to earn from more than 10 AdPacks).

How to start earning?

You need to buy adpacks, activate them and click 10 ads. You will start earning the day after you clicked your ads.

How to activate my adpacks?

You need to go to your advertising, inactive AdPacks and set up your banner. Then click on activate button.

How to I pay for adpacks?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club are accepted cards. The company do not deal with e- processors or e-wallets.

Qualify for revenue sharing

Click 10 ads daily. You will be qualified for the next day. There is no 24 hours timer. You can check status in your backoffice.

Our results: We started with 20 AdPacks. Now we have 22 active AdPacks and will be repurchasing 100% till August 31 at least.

Our results: We started with 20 AdPacks. Now we have 22 active AdPacks and will be repurchasing 100% till August 31 at least.

What if I dont click ads?

Then you wil not earn the day after. Your adpacks will pause earning. You can start again whenever you want.

What is the average earnings?

In your backoffice statistics page you will find average earnings figures. You earn revenue sharing every 30 minutes, 48 times a day. There are good statistics showing exactly how your adpacks perform, traffic- and earning wise.

Is it free to join?

Yes, you can sign up as a free affiliate. You can have a maximum 10 adpacks and earn from 1 level referral commissions. Upgrade membership if you want to earn from more adpacks.

Can I join from another country?

Yes we are an international business.

Can family members join me?

Yes they are mostly welcome.

Can we use same IP address?

Yes, you can.

Can I access from my phone and pad?

Yes, our website is dynamic for all OS/platforms.

Is your website secure?

Yes the payment gateway is secured by https and partner Concardis is Europe’s number 1 in payment systems. Concardis is based in Switzerland and have customers with high reputation, e.g. Shell and others.

How to withdraw earnings?

You can withdraw through our OneVision cards. Mastercard and Maestro. €8000 limit each card monthly.

Where is my referral link?

Log in and scroll down in your backoffice. Your referral link consist of your username and the AdPackPro domain:

How to receive 2 levels referral commissions?

You need to upgrade to minimum Basic membership 39€ yearly. You will receive full access to 2 levels referral commissions and maximum 50 adpacks.

Do I need to refer people to earn?

No, you can earn from the advertising pool with your adpacks.

How much referral commissions can I receive?

1st level 11% and 2nd level 7% – Unilevel

Do I pay full price or only difference on Upgrading memberships?

You pay full price each time, so please forecast your ambitions some months ahead to save money. The Membership is valid 12 months from the date you pay.

What happens if I have more AdPacks than maximum in my membership?

Example, if you have 11 AdPacks as a free affiliate (max 10 AdPacks). You will earn from your 10 AdPacks but not the last 1. If you upgrade to Basic (max 50 AdPacks), then you will earn from all 11.

Troubleshooting. I dont earn on my AdPacks?

Please check your inactive AdPacks, are they activated? Did you click 10 ads yesterday? and do you have right membership for your AdPack level?

Can I change Sponsor?

No, it’s not possible to change Sponsor. You need to doublecheck Sponsor name when signing up.

How to contact AdpackPro support?

Use this email address

Can I promote AdpackPro?

Yes you are welcome to promote as long as you are in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. Remember we are not a financial instrument and you cannot represent us like that or use any investment terms in your promoting. Please ask us if you have questions.

Can I build team?

Yes with our Unilevel 2 level referral commissions you have a brilliant opportunity to build a team, all over the world. Unilevel is very generous system which is the favourite by many senior professional networkers and marketers. Unilevel means unlimited number of referrals on both levels.

What is company rotator?

If you buy a spot in the rotator you can have random referrals. Those who visit the company website will go into the rotator if they join. Also it will be added to other company links, different sites and social media. It costs 48 € yearly and you can have maximum 5 rotators in the system.

What is inner circle?

This is an exclusive group of maximum 50 members. This will work as an advisory board to the company management. There are requirements to join and those who are participating are generously rewarded.

What is Internet Academy Europe?

This is a well established seminar with the Europe#1 SEO trainer Jeroen Smid. The students learn about top notch SEO techniques for websites, video marketing, how to rank fast on page 1 in Google etc. The academy collaborate with Indisoft and Humboldt School. Mr.Smid is also a recognised SEO dozent for several universities in Europe. This is an important external income source to the company.

What is JopBooster?

This is a SEO booster product for company websites. This is sold outside the AdpackPro platform and is also a good external income source.

What is AdPackBooster?

This is a complete marketing suite for AdPackPro members. Including top domain, SEO booster package, landing pages + more. Facts:

  • A True Long Term Revenue Sharing From Real Business.
  • AdPack 25 EUR, 10,000 views/100 clicks.
  • Matures at 30 EUR. 5 EUR profit.
  • Total 20% profit each AdPack.
  • Daily profits fluctate depending on sales.
  • Click 10 Ads daily (15 seconds each) to qualify.
  • 2 levels referral commissions, 11% and 7%.
  • Earn every 30 minutes.


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  • Attention !! The management will soon take action on “family offices” meaning if you “abuse” the system, like stacking, your account will be terminated. Please share with your team.

  • 27 AdPack! Repurchasing 100% until 2016-08-31.

  • 22 AdPack! Will be repurchasing 100% until 2016-08-31.

  • We are first and only one in this industry what offer deposit insurance and will cover your loss from our own pocket 100%. Insure your deposit and you will not lose your principle! Possibility to apply for AdPackPro insurance is only possible for our direct referral, which made registration under our referral links. Insurance reward is paid back in 30 calendar days. Please contact us for more information.

    This offer is limited time only: July 31, 2016.

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