Banana Fund – Crowdfund various business, get a stake of the pie!

We’re excited to tell you about a brand new business that has a truly amazing growth potential and represents a mind-blowing earning opportunity for everybody who decides to contribute to its development! This business is called Banana Fund. And we cover all of its most important aspects in this review. In a nutshell, Banana Fund is a one-stop solution for developing and managing other businesses, rewarding everybody contributing to this process!

  • Advantages: Very high potential earnings over longterm. Registered and legal business with experienced staff. The business which builds more business.
  • Disadvantages: Still prelaunch. Please comment if found any.
  • Minimal deposit: 0.01 BTC
  • Minimal withdrawal: 0.01 BTC
  • Payment processors: Bitcoin

This company makes it super easy for an entrepreneur to share his raw business idea with the crowd and for anybody else – to crowd-brainstorm it, crowdfund it and later on receive profits for doing that! Banana Fund does all the boring (yet essential) stuff: reviews the idea and officially registers the business, builds/develops it, and even runs it on behalf of the entrepreneur and the crowd! And all that – in the most transparent way!

Banana Fund removes any entry barriers for entrepreneurs, as all it requires from them is the general description (or, at least the beginning) of their idea. All the rest is done by the crowd and the Banana Fund staff!

It offers anyone possessing the required knowledge/experience, the opportunity to receive free stakes in the businesses which they crowd-brainstorm!

One of the key features of Banana Fund is encouraging the potential backers/investors of a business to act quick in terms of funding the business. Such backers are rewarded with a higher earning potential for helping the business reach its funding goal in a timely manner!

The Banana Fund stands behind the investors of its businesses, operating in such a way that they are backed by the entire investment portfolio of the company! This company does its best to compensate you in case you support a business that, eventually, fails. A full half of the net revenues of Banana Fund are allocated to the “Crowd Safety Net” which repays the backers of the failed projects!

The business model of Banana Fund is based on Bitcoin, and is designed in such a way that the crowd backers are provided with an unprecedented level of operational transparency! You will be receiving daily updates from your project manager in regards to what is currently happening with the business and what are the future plans for it. Other than that, you will be provided with the real-time reports of sales, revenues and expenses of that business!

Even though Banana Fund does all the difficult work, the entrepreneur and the crowd are still in complete control of their business! All the stake holders are free to exchange their ideas and suggestions and forward them to the project manager at any given time. They can even change the manager if the majority of the stake holders are no longer satisfied with his work!

Explaining the Tokens System

Every business developed and managed by Banana Fund is a completely separate registered company, with Banana Fund holding all of its physical equity by default, being the one that officially registers all the businesses on behalf of the crowd.

Now, the Token-system allows anybody to hold a stake in one of the businesses built by Banana Fund! Being a Token holder, you own a certain number of shares of a business, and therefore receive dividends (which are proportional to the amount of Tokens you hold) from the profits of this business! Also you can trade Tokens on a Marketplace dedicated specifically to the project in which you have (or want to have) a stake!

Token holders can use their voting weight (which is proportional to the size of their stake in a business) in order to rule the business, deciding how exactly it should be run!

The Life-Cycle of a business project

Each business developed and managed by Banana Fund passes though the following phases:

The start of the business

During this phase, the entrepreneur presents the basic information about his business idea to the crowd of Banana Fund in the form of a Project Listing. He shares all of his thoughts and answers some simple questions about his project, and let the crowd know about any specific terms that he’d like to be honored when building/running his business.

Also, he decides how big of a stake in his business he’s ready to give away to the users who will brainstorm his idea (min. 1%) and pay for keeping his Project Listing active (min. 1%). A fixed 3% of his business goes to Banana Fund. Then, he splits the remaining stake (up to 95%) between himself and the people who support his business financially (investors).

Crowd Brainstorming

Once the Project Listing is up, the crowd of Banana Fund starts brainstorming every bit of it! Anybody can share his new ideas and edit the existing ones. However, it’s up to the entrepreneur what changes suggested by the crowd are accepted. The Project Listing details can be changed as many times as it’s needed for the entrepreneur and the crowd to fully agree on every aspect of the business they are brainstorming.

Anybody liking the business idea and willing to invest in its development under the best terms, can place a “Pre-Bid” worth 0.015 BTC. Doing this, they will be able to purchase the Tokens of that business at the smallest possible rates during the next development phase, called the Initial Token Offering!

Initial Token Offering

When/if the Project Listing is agreed on by both the crowd and the entrepreneur, the Tokens of this business are listed for sale in the form of the Initial Token Offering, and are broken up in 20 Blocks.

The Token Price in each Block is calculated as follows: Block number x 0.09523809525 BTC. Therefore, the Token Price of a business starts from 0.09523809525 BTC in the 1-st Block, and reaches a whole lot of 1.904761905 BTC in the last, 20-th Block! The sum of all Tokens represents the funding goal for the business.

All the 0.015 BTC Pre-Bids populate the first Blocks of the ITO. After that, all the other/new Bids (of unlimited sums) populate the rest of the Blocks. When/if the funding goal is reached, all bids are locked in and the project is sent to Banana Fund for a review.

Here is your GOLDEN opportunity!

As you can see, the Token Price increases as the business approaches its funding goal. So, we highly advice you to place your Pre-Bid in every business you truly believe in as soon as possible! Thus, you will make sure you will get the best possible position in the ITOs of those business, and will be able to invest in them under the most appealing terms!

What’s even more amazing, you will have your money multiplied even before Banana Fund starts building the business you’ve invested in. For example, in the best-case scenario, the money you’ve spent on the Tokens in Block 1 will multiply 20x by the time the ITO of that business completes! Truly impressive!

Banana Fund Review

During this phase, the Banana Fund team checks any legal issues around the idea behind the business they’re reviewing, and the overall feasibility of its business plan.

In case everything is alright, a temporary manager is assigned to the project (until the most suitable one is found), the Tokens are issued to the contributors of the project, and the Token Marketplace for this business is launched.


Once the Marketplace opens, users start buying and selling their Tokens. Users can list their buy/sell bids at any price and at any time they like, with no daily limits in place. Therefore, this is a completely free market with the Token price of the business depending purely on its supply and demand.

The Marketplaces at Banana Fund are very similar to the ones used at Poloniex. Bitcoins are traded against the Tokens of every Banana Fund project on a separate Marketplace with a 0.15% seller fee and 0.25% buyer fee.

The Marketplaces are fully transparent! You can see the full history of both your and anybody else’s buys, sells and trading fees. Every user has a public profile, on which it’s reflected what projects he’s holding Tokens in and how much of them he holds!

Daily Operations

Starting from this point, your project manager will be presenting you the summarized version of all the daily news, development updates, the revenues/expenses of the business and so on.

Besides, any revenue made by the business and earmarked as dividends will be sent out to the Token holders, as frequently as possible (in some cases daily!).


At any time, the Token holders of a business can vote to graduate their project from Banana Fund. If/when this happens, the project is, basically, removed from Banana Fund, and continues working on its own!

Dedicating itself to providing all of its community members with the best working conditions, Banana Fund has come up with this extremely effective tool of compensating every investor of a project that didn’t make it through!

50% of all the net Bitcoin revenues made by Banana Fund will go to the Crowd Safety Net, and will be used to repay the backers of the failed businesses!

Affiliate program & Ref-Back Agreements

Considering “word of mouth” to be the best type of advertising, Banana Fund rewards its affiliates with the following lifetime commissions on all of their referrals activity as follows:

  • 10% on any money spent by your referrals on the Tokens of a business during its ITO!
  • 10% on every trading fee paid by your referrals for buying/selling Tokens on a Marketplace!
  • 0.50% on the sum of every withdrawal requested by your referrals!

Another cool thing about Banana Fund is that you can choose how much of a Ref-Back (from 0% to 75%) each of your referral will automatically be receiving. Thus, you can “thank” them for using your referral link when singing up at Banana Fund! We turned on 50% of Referral Commission Back! Enjoy!

Our final thoughts about this company

It’s been a long while since the money-making community was presented with such an amazing earning opportunity. We truly believe that anyone supporting Banana Fund will have a chance to significantly enhance his financial situation over the long-term!

The creator of this company is known for transforming his loyal followers/supporters into 4-, 5- and even 6-digit earners! And now YOU are offered the opportunity to grow rich with the help of this admin and the crowd!

So, stop wasting your time with the other scam-programs! Join Banana Fund today – and start building your wealth!

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