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We are very happy to introduce you MyPayingCryptoAds, the most promising program of 2017 and beyond! Uday Nara, the famous owner of MyPayingAds, is going to rock the online advertising niche with the help of his second RevShare program! What is the reason for all that fuss? Well, MyPayingAds, the first RevShare of Uday Nara, has been (and still is) a great success story! Not only has it been properly running since March 2015 (500+ days already!), but also the level of transparency, support and honesty coming from the administration was simply amazing! There is not a single MPA member who has been disappointed by either its advertising products or earning opportunities!

  • Advantages: In advertising market since 2015 March. No repurchase and withdrawal rules. High trust rating. Platform which helps you to reach Bitcoin users.
  • Disadvantages: You must surf 10 advertisements every 24 hours to receive cashback.
  • Minimal deposit: 0.05 BTC
  • Minimal withdrawal: 0.01 BTC
  • Payment processors: Bitcoin

For the first time, the internet largest industry (online advertising) is fused with the internet’s next big thing (cryptocurrency). With full transaction traceability, military grade cryptography, low transaction fees, pretty much being available anywhere in the world and you can quickly understand why cryptocurrency is becoming the preferred payment method online today. All the transactions inside it (advertising purchases, cashback earnings and referral commissions) are being done entirely in Bitcoin! That’s really great because all the BTC enthusiasts can continue keeping their funds with the same cryptocurrency value! Such people most probably earn a lot if they invest their Bitcoins in MPCA, as their Bitcoins will both gain in value on the global market and grow in quantity.


MyPayingCryptoAds is an advertising company which shares the part of it’s revenues in form of cashback up to 120%. Online advertising is a trillion-dollar industry and traffic is the #1 selling product online. Here is the current list of advertising products (that will be growing and improving as time goes!) offered by MPCA:

  • Login Ads
  • Withdrawal Ads
  • Traffic Exchange Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • PPC Banner Ads
  • Cashlink Ads

Advertising at MyPayingCryptoAds should work pretty well if you decide to promote the websites which accepts Bitcoin as payment method or does other Bitcoin related activities online.


Cashback on each of your purchase! As a member of MPCA, you are offered an exclusive opportunity of sharing the profits of this company! That’s right, all the revenue generated by the sales of its products (except the 6-10% of referral commissions and the administration fee) are shared between the members of this program! In order to qualify yourself for this kind of earnings, you will need to do the following two things:

  1. Purchase a number of AdPacks (0.05 BTC/each)!
  2. Keep your AdPacks active, surfing at least 10 Traffic Exchange ads every day!

As long as you have active AdPacks, you will continue receiving cashback payments on hourly basis! The maximum cashback on each AdPack is 120% and you will stop earning from your AdPacks once they matures. But you are free to use your profits on buying new AdPacks – and continue benefiting from sharing the revenues of this company! Also depending on the type of your membership, you’ll be able to buy and earn from a certain number of AdPacks! Here are the prices and the number of AdPacks that each membership can hold:

  • Free (0.00 BTC/month) members can own up to 20 AdPacks!
  • Explorer (0.02 BTC/month) members can own up to 50 AdPacks!
  • Professional (0.05 BTC/month) members can own up to 100 AdPacks!
  • Elite (0.10 BTC/month) members can own more than 100 AdPacks!

Every AdPack purchase made by your direct referrals will earn you commission of 6% on the sum of his purchase! In addition to that, you’ll get a whole lot of 10% in referral commissions whenever they decide to buy some other advertising in this program! The best part is that ALL your Referral Commissions at MPCA are 100% withdrawable (unlike some other RevShare programs out there)!

Our bet is that combining the advertising power, huge member base of MPA, popularity of the Bitcoin we may see the massive profits over the long term run! We decided to deposit 1 BTC in the program and follow the 50/50 repurchase strategy.

Please register your new account and fund your wallet. There is less then 12 hours left to the launch of the MPCA! You may purchase the AdPacks as fast as possible after the launch. Then surf your first 10 advertisements to receive the cashback rewards. We hope the very decent run with this program.

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  • Dariusz

    I like to read the reviews at this site. This way, i know where admin’s money flow …. mean, in good direction. Priceless information. 🙂
    How about some tips for MPCA “medium fish” member?

    Of course, I do not recommend joining with one ad pack. I’m gonna join with 20 ad packs, max out for free member.

    … and this worry me, a little bit. To compound a little bit, I need to buy 0.02 membership per month ….
    Admin, have you made any calculations whether it’s worth paying this Explorer membership?

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