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Pool Investors is a new Cycler that allows us to invest up to $10/day and lets us get $1.30 back for every $1 invested. As of now, a position gets cycled ($1 is transformed into $1.30) in about 1-2 weeks!

This platform lets us buy Advertising Packages that give us Ad Credits (for promoting any other website) and Tokens that we can trade (adding them to the Cycler queue) and transform back into money! Advertising on this site means targeting the most active members of this industry! Anyways, we recommend jumping into Pool Investors using Payza, as that’ll reduce the risk of losing your seed money.

  • Advantages: 130% back on every dollar spent on advertising; Unlimited hits to your websites (up to 10 sites at a time, depending on the type of your membership!); A reliable administrator (Shebin John, known online as “Remedcu”).
  • Disadvantages: A Reset takes place every time the Cycler Queue becomes “unbearably” big (more information about the Reset-feature can be found below). Every time a Reset happens, all active positions in the Queue share the money from the Reset Fund – and get removed from the Queue (Note: we are willing to help you recover your possible losses using the money from our Insurance Fund! Please, contact us for more information regarding the matter).

Pool Investors requires us to regularly view a certain number (which depends on the type of our membership) of ads in order to keep our Cycler Positions active and let them move up in the Queue. And, thanks to this, we can promote our businesses to the most active members of Pool Investors!

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However, if you don’t want to view any ads at Pool Investors, but still want your positions in the Queue to remain active, you can go for the “Surf Vacation” for just $1/week – and it will keep your Cycler Positions active even if you don’t surf any ads during that week!

How does the “Reset” work? When does it happen?

Reset is the feature that sets Pool Investors apart from all the other Cyclers! It is the key thing that helps the program work non-stop and won’t let the Queue stall!

Once the Cycler Queue becomes too big, the Reset will literally clear the Queue from the accumulated positions, making it extremely profitable to trade our Tokens daily again!

Here are the Reset rules that you should keep in mind:

  • A Reset occurs if there was not even 1 cycled position during the last 200 hours (this condition can be changed based on the circumstances, members’ will etc.)!
  • A Cycler Round will run for a minimum of 21 days before a Reset will take place!
  • After 21 days have passed, the Cycler Queue will be reset when less than 15 positions cycle in the 12h timeframe!
  • When the Queue is reset, all positions are removed!
  • When positions are removed, only active positions share the money from the Reset Fund!
  • Any inactive positions are not paid for when the Queue is reset!
  • The amount each active position receives is calculated as follows = (All the money in the Reset Fund) / (The total number of Unused Tokens + The total number of Active Positions)!
  • The next round begins 12 hours after a Reset occurs!

How to start?

Let me explain you how to get started at Pool Investors step by step. First of all, you need to sign up here. Now, there are three different kinds of Membership Upgrades offered for sale at Pool Investors:

Pool Investors Memberships

Pool Investors memberships.

As you can see, their main difference is the number of sites to which you can receive unlimited hits and the number (as well as the duration) of the ads that you need to click daily in order to keep your Cycler Positions active.

We recommend you to go for the ProAdvertiser membership, and pay for 3 months in advance, as this upgrade brings you the most value, and, besides, you will save a whole 20% if you pay for 3 months! The ProAdvertiser membership will require you to surf just 1 ad every 24 hours, and will let you enjoy unlimited hits to 10 sites of your choice!

It’s about time for you to buy Advertising Packages that will give you both Ad Credits and the Tokens that can be transformed back into money (through the Cycler Queue)! Feel free to invest as much money as you want. Personally we’ve jumped in with $100 ($10/day for 10 days), and we consider that to be more than enough for working at Pool Investors!

Remember that we recommend using Payza for investing, as this reduces the risk of losing your seed money (for more information, please, contact us).

After you’ve got the Tokens, you can start adding them to the Queue every 24 hours, following these rules:

  • Maximum 1 trade per 5 minutes is allowed!
  • Maximum 5 tokens can be traded at a time!
  • Maximum 10 tokens can be traded daily!

Affiliate commissions

Another way of earning at Pool Investors is via referring your friends to the program! Pool Investors shares a total of 40% on your referrals “Membership purchases and a total of 5% on your referrals”. Advertising purchases as follows:

Pool Investors compensation plan

Pool Investors compensation plan.

Now you’re set to go! Regularly trade your Tokens, keep an eye on the Cycler in order to stop adding any new Tokens to the Queue in time (and, thus, not to be “hit” by a Reset too hard), invite your friends to join you in earning at Pool Investors – and you’ll definitely succeed! If you have any other questions in regards to Pool Investors, feel free to ask them – we’re always happy to answer them!

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  • Short Pool Investors news:
    – We have 150+ upgraded users who will be there in the round 3 of PI.
    – We have added login ads.
    – From now on, each ad pack will give 400 Text Ad Credit, 200 Banner Ad Credit & 10 Login Credits.
    – Our new round will begin in just 12 hours.

    Surf Ads or buy surf free vacation so that your positions remain active.

  • Ярослав Мазур

    Pool Investors really is a great Cycler!

    I love getting the “Your position has just cycled” E-mails! 😀

    • Thanks for your comment, it really is!

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