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RapidAds is a traffic exchange platform with the RevShare feature, that launched on the 4-th of November, 2016. Sad, but project is closed. The company is registered in the United Kingdom and on Seychelles islands, and is lead forward by Petar Zdravkov, a former marketing manager from Sofia, Bulgaria. This program gives 3-levels deep referral commissions and sells AdPacks which costs $10 and brings you 0.50-3.00% in daily returns, expiring at 120%! Also, there are Cash Links worth $0.02/each here. They are available for the active AdPack owners only. Other than that, both AdPack earnings and withdrawals are instant at RapidAds!

  • Advantages: Good advertising (landing pages converts really well). Instant withdrawals. Slow grow, longterm opportunity. Known administrator from Bulgaria.
  • Disadvantages: You must surf 10 advertisements before requesting withdrawal.

rapidadsadpackThere are 2 main ways for you to make money online with the help of this program:

  • Purchasing AdPacks – and sharing the revenues of the company!
  • Referring others to join RapidAds – and receiving generous referral commissions!

AdPacks cost $10/each and earn you instant daily profits up to 120% on its price! Please note: 20% of your earnings will go to your repurchase balance that can only be used for buying more packages. Other than that, 10% of those 120% will be credited to your Ad Balance which you can only spend on on of the advertising service sold at RapidAds!

Also, every AdPack comes with a bunch of Advertising Credits for promoting your business to the members of RapidAds. Here is what you will receive for every AdPack purchase: 150 traffic exchange views, 200 website visitors and 3000 banner impressions!

Now, AdPack earnings  need to be withdrawn to your internal account balance before cashing them out or purchasing more AdPacks. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Surf 10 ads (15 seconds each).
  2. Click on the Withdraw all button on the My Shares page.

affiliate-systemAs an affiliate of RapidAds, you are qualified for receiving nice commissions on the purchases made by your referrals 3 levels deep! Whenever a person from your downline buys an advertising product (including AdPacks), you will earn one of the following referral commissions:

  • 7% on your direct referrals purchases
  • 2% on your level 2 referrals purchases
  • 1% on your level 3 referrals purchases

Please note: Referral commissions are not paid on your referrals’ purchases made using their repurchase balance!

As you could have noticed, the earnings for owning AdPacks were announced as 0.50-3.00% per day. Each goal has a specific requirement to be achieved at selling a certain number of AdPacks. Let’s take a closer look at these goals and their consequences!

goal-2Goal 1: (We start here!)
Requirement: 0 AdPacks sold
AdPack earnings: 0.50% a day

Goal 2: (In progress!)
Requirement: 10,000 AdPacks sold
AdPack earnings: 1.00% a day
Outcome: Creating a browser plugin that will allow people to upload their photos and videos to the server of RapidAds – and then share
them with their friends! The webpage for the future plugin is

Goal 3: (Waiting!)
Requirement: 40,000 AdPacks sold
AdPack earnings: 1.50% a day
Outcome: A mailbox system integrated to the RapidAds site will be created! People will be able to create e-mail addresses ending with @rapidads.net! goal-4This whole thing will provide the company with a lot more ad spaces available for its advertisers!

Goal 4: (Waiting!)
Requirement: 142,500 AdPacks sold
AdPack earnings: 2.00% a day
Outcome: Launching an e-currency exchanger.

goal-5Goal 5: (Waiting!)
Requirement: 440,000 AdPacks sold
AdPack earnings: 2.50% a day
Outcome: Creating a link-shortener service (like, trck.me, leadsleap.com etc.)

Goal 6: (Waiting!)
Requirement: 1,540,000 AdPacks sold
AdPack earnings: 3.00% a day
Outcome: Opening a Payment Processor!


Feel free to take a look at this welcome video from the owner of RapidAds:

We see RapidAds a very promising program and you are welcome to join our great team. Also you may join our Facebook groups in the links under banner. Please comment if you have any questions. Thank you for your support and wish you success in this new venture.

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  • The program is still PAYING, BUT WE DO NOT RECOMMEND JOINING IT. Please start doing full withdrawals here if you have an active deposit. The warning mail is also sent.

    The program is growing to slowly, members are not active and do not posting their payment proofs, admin is not very fair probably.

    If you invested here with our insurance, you probably receive private message warning from us and when program closes, I will start issuing the insurance rewards. So no one from our team will lose any money here anyway!

    Good luck and wait for new profit advises!

  • Fresh revenue share you can trust started some days ago! No surfing is required to earn. Low price $10 AdPacks with cashback up to 120%! Premium quality advertising. Started with $1000, hope you enjoyed review and will do the same!


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