TrafficCircleShare – Revenue Sharing and Advertising Platform!

TrafficCircleShare is a new Traffic Exchange + Paid-to-Click + RevShare Advertising hybrid that sells advertising services and offers its members the opportunity of sharing the revenues from all of those sales! Here are the Advertising Services offered for sale at TrafficCircleShare:

  • Cash Links (the PTC Ads that appear in your dashboard and reward you for viewing them)
  • Banner Links (these 468×60 Banner Ads appear in your dashboard and bring you cash when you view them for 30 seconds!)
  • Login Ads (the ones that you see when logging into your TCS account!)
  • Start Page Ads (the first ad that you see whenever you start surfing Traffic Exchange Ads!)
  • Massive Traffic
  • Banner Ads

Both Free and Pro members can earn some money at TrafficCircleShare. Anybody can make money either clicking on the Cash and Banner Links or in the form of referral commissions. Also everyone can receive 10% on all of their referrals advertising purchases (but the Cash Link and Banner Link purchases, as all of that money is shared between the clickers and their sponsors) and 50% on all of their referrals clicks.

However, Pro members (whom you become after you purchase the $10 yearly upgrade) can also benefit from participating in the RevShare part of this program!

  • Advantages: A lot earning activities. Free users can earn also. Pretty fair business model with cashback and advertising. Classic TrafficMonsoon website design. Admin team seems legitimate and honest.
  • Disadvantages: Maybe some hassle for not experienced members to setup advertising. No more found, please comment if found any.

Whenever somebody buys an Advertising product at TrafficCircleShare, the program makes money. And you can share a part of those profits! Every AdPack you buy comes with some great Advertising (Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Credits and Traffic Exchange Credits), along with a Sharing Position. That Sharing Position earns you 1.50%-2% a day for up to 110% of your AdPack price!

For example, if you buy an AdPack for $30, you’ll receive 20 PPC Banner Credits. In fact, you’ll get an unlimited amount of banner impressions until your Banner Ad Campaign received 20 clicks/visitors. Besides, you will get 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits. On top of that, you are granted with a Sharing Position that will be bringing you daily profits until you get back up to $33 in earnings from your AdPack!


The revenues from selling Ad Services are shared on an hourly basis and are delayed by 24 hours. So, whatever your AdPacks earn you today comes from the Advertising sales closed by TrafficCircleShare yesterday.

As we’ve said earlier, you do have to click 10 Traffic Exchange ads in order to be qualified for receiving commissions on your referrals Cash and Banner Links earnings and being able to click those links yourself. However, there is NO need to surf ANY ads in order to continue receiving RevShare payments!

You can request a withdrawal as soon as you’ve earned your first $2. However, every time you request a withdrawal, your lower withdrawal limit will increase by $1, until you hit the $10 minimum withdrawal limit, which will stop changing that very moment. All the withdrawals requests are processed within 24h.

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Contact me if you want to invest smart.

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  • Vladimir Demin

    Great post about TCS and great admins too. Really trusted people.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Going to 100 active packages in TCS! Wish me luck!

    “Results Not Typical” this is proof of payment and is not a guarantee you would earn the same, but would be possible to earn this and more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

  • Senad Krdzalic Best program for me, i have 1650$ in active shares. And they have my full trust and support

    • Wow, that is the great results!

  • Blaženka Baggy Franjić

    wauuu…you are doing an amazing job..thank you 🙂

    • Thank you for your support, it means a lot 🙂

  • Ivan Dasovic

    Great Program and it has gained my trust as well deposited almost 1000$

  • We spent $800 at this program, total $2000. Full trust for this program and it’s owners. Also extended the 100% deposit insurance up to 2016/11/16. Contact us at if you want to use the offer. We wish you a great success!

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