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Unicorn Adz is a brand new advertising and money-making program created by the admin of the famous Unison Wealth. Unicorn Adz has been created with the goal of helping you both promote your businesses to many new people and earn a nice amount of money, at the same time! Unicorn Adz grants its members with the access to the premium quality digital products and multiple income streams!

This program, technically, can be called a matrix. However, it’s so much more than an ordinary matrix, that we suggest you draw a conclusion about it after you’re done reading this review and not based on the type of this program! Unicorn Adz is a subscription based personal forced (everybody is responsible for building up his own downline) matrix where each subscription bought by you represents 10 positions. Every week 1 of those positions is placed in your own Matrix/Downline tree at the next available spot. Also all the members of the same team support each other with massive spillovers!

golden-opportunityNow, let’s suppose that you’ve joined Unicorn Adz in such a team where all of your sponsors have bought just 1 Subscription – can you imagine how many spillovers you (and your referrals) will get thanks to that?

Other than that, here you will match the matrix earnings of all of your direct referrals!

Cash Links System

Unicorn Adz has also come up with a unique feature called Cash Links. This feature takes care of the newcomers (people who have not recovered their seed money) and keeps more money into the system!
When any member who has cashed out more money than he has deposited (and, therefore, is in profit now) requests a withdrawal, just 50% of that sum is sent to his payment processor wallet. The other 50% is credited to his Cash Links balance and the only way for him to use that money is to spend it on Cash Links, bringing some genuine traffic to his other businesses. The best part is that those Cash Links are only available to the people who are yet to hit their BEP (breakeven point)!

A whole 50% of the outcoming money will be used to help new members recover their investments, while those members who are in profit will be enjoying qualitative advertising!

Note: There is a daily capping on your Cash Links earnings! Depending on the total number of subscriptions you have, you can earn a maximum of $1/day per every active $25 subscription, $3/day per every active $60 subscription and $7/day per every active $120 subscription. At the same time, your Cash Links daily earnings can only be as high as $20/day!

Unicorn Investment Phases


Each Phase works independently from the other ones, and, therefore, you can benefit from all of those Phases at the same time! Besides, you are not limited on the total number of Subscriptions you can buy!


However, there is a step up rule that works as follows: every 5 Subscriptions of a certain level require you to buy at least 1 Subscription of the next level for you to be able to continue buying more subscriptions of the current level. For example, if you have 5 $25 subscriptions and want to purchase some more Subscriptions of that type, then you will have to buy at least 1 $60 subscription at first. After that you can easily satisfy your desire of having more $25 Phases!

Now, look at this detailed description of the $25 Unicorn Phase:


The $60 and the $120 Phases work in a very similar way, but have a much bigger earning potential!

Please check the How it works? page if you need more information.

Every subscription bought by you grants you with the access to the following useful products and services: Premium Advertising, Premium E-books, Splash Pages, Link Cloaker, URL Rotator, Meta Tag Generator, Search Engine Submitter, Discounted Premium Products, Favicon Generator and even your own Retail store!


All of these products are very valuable in the money-making industry and you should try to use as many of them as possible to increase your online earnings! Note that you will be getting a tenth part of the Ad Credits that your subscriptions come with throughout the 10 weeks period.

Please check the Products page to find out how much of every product/service you will get for each subscription you buy!

We consider Unicorn Adz to be a decent earning opportunity with a great potential. The experienced admin and the well-thought investment plans make this program very attractive for any kind of online earners! Besides, we will gladly help YOU succeed in this program, too! Feel free to ask us any questions you have and we will answer them as soon as possible!

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  • The last great recommendation is Unicorn Adz. Remember Unison Wealth? Same admin as Unison Wealth where members earned tens of thousands of dollars. Only $25 to start. You earn from 3 Phases in a Team Forced Matrix. NO REFERRING is required to earn.

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