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By in Matrix on 09/09/2016

Our team team is very pleased to introduce you to another money-making program – ZarFund, which serves as an additional proof for one of our main beliefs, demonstrating that the Internet can help you make money. Moreover, the amount of money a wise online earner makes during a certain timeframe is way more than the average salary! So, to be honest – we personally feel MATRIX is very much simple, affordable, profitable and SCAM FREE opportunity to build your Online Business portfolio. If you have any questions or need help, let us know!

  • Advantages: Build a team is not a must, we will do it for you. No money in the system, payments are made directly to member wallets. Well know admin and programmers team.
  • Disadvantages: It may be hard to refer people to this program without the necessary set of skills and or enough experience. If that’s your case, then you will need a bit of patience on your road to success here!
  • Minimum deposit: 0.03 BTC
  • Minimum withdrawal: 0.03 BTC
  • Payment processors: Bitcoin

Let’s talk about what ZarFund is, at first. It is a program known as a P2P (Peer-to- peer) (or, simply, person-to- person) Direct Donation Platform that helps people fulfil their dreams and achieve financial freedom! This platform lets different people exchange donations between themselves, making the process of both sending and receiving donations super simple! In order to start benefiting from being a part of this program, you will need to upgrade your account to the first level, sending the 0.03 BTC (which is just around $18 as we speak) donation to your direct sponsor/upline. Climbing the upgrade “ladder” will not involve any additional investments from you, as you’ll have enough money to upgrade to the next level as soon as you receive several donations of the type that your current level of upgrade qualifies you for!

ZarFund is a very fresh program with an extremely small member base – and it means that we have a great opportunity in front of us, as we can, literally, exploit this program, making it bring us a big profit! Donations go directly to the members Bitcoin wallets, so, we don’t have to worry about the program’s admin running away with our money, as even if the program closes its doors, all the donations will remain untouched in our Bitcoin wallets!

Besides, let us assure you that you shouldn’t worry about your poor experience in promoting a program to others (if that’s the case), as we will gladly help all the members of the Profitverts team get referrals at ZarFund! Thus, it won’t cause you any problems to find/get the referrals who will be willing to donate to you on a regular basis!

It’s about time for us to review on a simple example the process of upgrading/sending donations to the others and, also, benefiting from other people’s donations. Let’s imagine you’ve signed up at ZarFund at the invitation of Peter. The first thing you’ve done was send a donation worth 0.03 BTC to Peter, as he is your direct sponsor. Then, you invite John and Arthur to ZarFund, and each of them sends you 0.03 BTC. Thus, you’ve already got back a total of 0.06 BTC (Note: all this happens on a monthly basis, so, don’t forget to “renew” all of your upgrades every 30 days, as that’s what “qualifies” you for receiving the donations of a certain level yourself!). So, if you’ve maxed out the first level of your Affiliate Structure, referring 2 “paid” members, your pure profit from that level will be 0.03 BTC per month, and the gross one – 0.06 BTC.

ZarFund payplan


Having 0.06 BTC back, you can afford upgrading to the second level, which requires you to send a 0.05 BTC donation to your second level sponsor. Once your second level upgrade has been approved, you will be qualified for accepting donations from up to 4 people in your second level downline. This means that both John and Arthur (who are your direct referrals) can invite up to 2 first-level referrals – and you will receive a 0.05 BTC donation each time one of those 4 people decides to upgrade to the second level. If all of them keeps their account second level upgraded, you will be earning a total of 0.20 BTC per month from your second level referrals!

Similar calculations are applicable to all the other levels of upgrades/donations. Therefore, you need to have just one active/paid referral at a certain level in order to break even on the price of your own monthly upgrade of that level. In general, you can send a maximum of 6 different donations per month – and that’ll qualify you for receiving donations that are worth a whole lot of 164+ BTC from more than 100 people!

By the way, all that will be super easy for you thanks to our help! If you still have any questions regarding the matter, feel free to forward them to us! Working as a team, we will become very successful! Actually, we’ve already achieved some great results: the first 14 days of working at ZarFund have brought us the profit of 1.16 BTC!

How to start?

First of all, you need to create an account at ZarFund. After registering, you kind of have your place “booked” into the system, and you’re given 24 hours to complete your first level upgrade (worth 0.03 BTC). If you do not proceed accordingly, your account will be deleted, and you’ll have to sign up once again if you decide to start working at ZarFund later on. Also, you need to let the system know what your Bitcoin address is, so that your referral could use it in order to send you donations (by the way, we recommend using a Bitcoin wallet with a fixed/unchanging address). You can do this by clicking on “My Money”, and, then, on “Bitcoin Wallet”. After that, you can send your very first donation, clicking on the “Upgrade to level 1” button. A yellow box (enclosed with a red square) contains the Bitcoin address that you must send your donation to in order to upgrade to the next level (as shown in the picture below).

ZarFund payment example

Zarfund payment example.

Now, the system needs to make sure that you’ve really sent the money to your sponsor. That’s why you need to scroll down to “STEP 2” and paste the ID of your transaction and the exact amount of the coins you’ve sent (eg. “0.03”) into the corresponding fields. In order to find the ID of your Bitcoin transaction, you need to go to and enter the Bitcoin address that you’ve used to send the money to your sponsor. Then, pick up the ID of your transaction (which is similar to a Bitcoin address, but is a bit longer) from the list, as it is shown in the picture below.

Blockchain transaction hash id

Blockchain transaction ID example.

That’s it! Congrats on upgrading to the first level! Your transaction should be confirmed within 10 minutes (it may take up to an hour in some rare cases, though). You can upgrade to the next level whenever you want. However, we suggest you do that as soon as you have earned enough money on your current level and can afford upgrading to the next level!

Success formula: Promote the program to your friends and climb the upgrade level – and you will find yourself upgraded to the 6-th level in no time! Every person can have a maximum of 2 direct referrals – all the other people he’s invited to the program will join it under one of his referrals! Feel free to ask us any questions you have and make sure you don’t forget to renew your upgrades on a monthly basis (see the “Subscriptions” section for more information regarding the mater)! Talk to you soon!

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  • rotaj

    Mark my word, this is a very exiting system. I joined just a few days ago and i’ve started earning. This is just amazing. i have upgraded 3 times within this period. This is a programme i will recommend to any body who want to make it online. Join this fast moving train at:

  • Marie May

    Just joined and already got a referral 🙂 just need 1 more but working to bring even more!

  • Timur

    Prove me wrong but this sounds just like a regular snowball System where new Money that’s brought in by new members is passed on upwards…

  • bikky

    Can I still join your group,is referral guarantee?

    • Hello, thanks for your interest, every time you register on ZarFund, you will receive referrals from your uplines. If you can bring your own 2 which works here, it will benefit you very huge! Welcome to ZarFund 🙂

  • Howells Benjamin

    I am a participant of zarfund, and I tell you it is really a wonderful system to gain financial freedom. Join my team and we will help you grow in levels.

    • We are very happy to hear ZarFund works for you! This is the awesome system!

  • Adedotun Adeyemi

    i’m interested…email is
    Please email me.

  • 42th payment from ZarFund received! It’s been 4 months of stable ZarFund payments directly to my Bitcoin wallet! Just do it and you will see results! VIP Team is building up great! Interested? Message me!

  • zu

    We are about to pour in big group of MLM ppl in our Zarfund group. Hundreds of people. Do not play Zarfund game alone with a few friends of yours. Be a part of a strong base that has “Spillover” members that can b assigned under your team.

  • ZarFund is still very strong and low risk opportunity for everyone who seeks to earn online!

    Show me MORE easy and faster way to reach break-even (we are NOT considering PASSIVE income programs)!

    Even your PASSIVE income programs don’t provide ROI in few minutes, which is quite possible here in Matrix!

    Worst case scenario IF AT ALL – You can’t refer even ONE person in 30 days period, you make a loss of 0.03 BTC!

    So, to be honest – I personally feel MATRIX is very much SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, PROFITABLE and SCAM FREE opportunity to build your Online Business portfolio.

    If you are interested to become part of our VIP team, you need to have only 0.03 BTC and TWO person ready to join with you. Message me for the link!

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  • Kris Eto

    I will pay you $ 5,000 per month or even $ 10,000 a payment.
    So I need new members to work, help me senior account manager, because I do not have much time to take care of customers. This is a job for the members hardworking and honest, it is not an opportunity for everyone.
    if you are really interested, you can talk to me.
    Skype: hyipben
    Thankyou !

  • Riyad Hossain

    You have only $12.50 ? & if you want to earn $500+ Per month then must join this business and get 2 free referrals.

    This is a very simple system. It is like a combination CROWD-FUNDING with MLM combined. A “HYBRID” of both, if you will.
    The way to success is everybody getting and working toward getting TWO PEOPLE in for just $12.50 each. THAT IS IT!! GET TWO PEOPLE.
    We are here as a TEAM. We support each other. This is to assure the TEAM grows together, and there are no weak legs in the matrix.
    *TIP–> You must pay Level One donation within 24 hours, or the system automatically will delete the account as INACTIVE.

    Bitrising lunch date : Oct 10, 2016

    Don’t miss this opportunity

    Earning link:-

    My FB :

    Skype : live:rzearnway

  • Just received 0.1 BTC, total received in 30 days – 1.92 BTC! If your membership expires, please pay for another month if you want to keep the money coming! Not late too join, only risk 0.03 BTC and only 1 PEOPLE to refer to reach BEP!

    If you have any questions contact us on e-mail:


  • Amigo1984

    Joined here. Maybe is a bit late, but 0.03 BTC not a big cash 🙂 I’ll play for fun.
    Sent my first donation.

    • Welcome abroad!! I think this company is in very very early state now and it is working perfectly! Good luck to all of us!

  • Ярослав Мазур


    I’m one of the second-level referrals of Vytautas at ZarFund.

    I joined ZF on the 20-th of August – and have already got a whole lot of 40 referrals in my downline thanks to the help of Vytautas! 🙂

    Here are my investment stats at ZF:
    3 Donations Sent: Ƀ0.18
    6 Donations Received: Ƀ0.31

    As you can see, ZF has already brought me a very nice profit. Vutautas has contributed a lot to that success of mine!

    I’m looking forward to the future that is waiting for us at ZF. 🙂

    • Great results!! Thank you for your kind word!

  • Today’s payment! Join our team, new highly recommended program!

    • arkenciel

      I’ve joined a week ago and already start to get level 3 referals. Even without doing anything. This program is great if you join with the right team 😉

      • Great results!! I am happy you are getting results!

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